Welcome to the home of BanChem® Group India.

We are a consortium of chemical manufacturers that have been in business for around 47 years. With modest and humble beginnings we have striven to provide high quality and purity chemical products to the industry through meticulous in-house research and development.

We strive hard to be the number one provider of products to the industry and plan on achieving this through being a consistent and reliable source of these products. Our customers will testify to these strengths. It is not a surprise that we land up as being the preferred source for many multinational companies and their likes. Our relentless focus on customer satisfaction and interaction to understand the customers needs has taken us to where we are at today.

We strive to be one step better than where we are. join us in our journey to excellence.


Inception & Composition

The BanChem Group was started as one company in 1969 in the name of Ganesh Chemical Industries Ltd in Dombivli. Mr R.T.Bandodkar, the first in the country to manufacture Dimethyl sulfate using the unique gas phase process in the conversion of Dimethyl ether, started this unit with humble means and a strong resolve.

A graduate of the prestigious UDCT of Mumbai, he was determined to expand operations and diversify into other product lines. In the spirit of this vision, Ganesh Chemical Industries expanded the production of DMS to become the largest manufacturer in the country. To this portfolio a new product from the DME stream, Dimethyl Aniline was added in 1982.

To this present day, Ganesh Chemical Industries manufactures and exports nearly 7000 MT of DMS and 5000 MT of DMA per annum. A few other downstream dyes are also made in-house.

Further downstream product diversifications occurred over the course of years & units manufacturing dyes, industrial intermediates, monomers, thermal paper intermediates, perfumery / flavor & fragrance products & pharmaceutical products were manufactured. An assimilation of the groups companies and holdings is summarized in the ‘Companies’ section of this site.

“We are in the business of developing clean and green products using highly sophisticated machinery. We will produce a product that will meet and beat the most stringent quality standards the world demands. We have been and will continue to develop hard to synthesize products and offer our customers perpetual value addition with our persistent commitment to deliver consistent quality while reducing cost. We strive to achieve perfection in our reliability and adhere strongly to a goal of no rejections.”

R. T. Bandodkar